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O Malala..The girl caused ripples round the world Who doesn't know Put your hands up Ignorance is NO BLISS!
How democratic do you think our system of government is? How can it possibly be democratic when it serves the interests of the capitalist system. Can we ever achieve true democracy? These are all important questions that need to be addressed in the modern era.
Okay, if girls should not have Western education, what else should they read and study? Girls should study only Islamic theology, the Holy Koran, Prophet Mohammed’s teachings, Hathis and similar materials. They should study only from their houses and should not go to schools and col...
Her bus was boarded by the Taliban. She was shot in the head and left for dead. But Malala has a voice that will not be silenced by terrorists. Take a look.
While teens here in the USA try everything they can to get out of classes, there is a young girl in Pakistan who hungers for the education the Taliban is denying her. A young girl thirsting for knowledge and a school to learn from is shot in the head on the bus from school in Pakistan...
The Pakistan Interior minister annouces one million dollars for the Taliban culprits who made attack on the girl Malala
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