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Fed up of having to watch your Ps and Qs? Read on...
This page is about knowing the gender of God. To know whether God is a male or a female and why is there a discrimination among the two.
Gender roles vary. Different cultures impose different expectations upon the men and women who live in that culture. Gender roles refer to the set of social and behavioral norms that are considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex in the context of a specif...
This is another one of my poems that explores the subject of who is the stronger sex. As a female, I fervently believe that women possess an innate strength that can never be matched by a man. I used humour in this poem, as this topic should always be discussed with an open mind.
this is about a guy name Joe and how his life was and it made him feel and act and how he can be around women.
As i stated earlier in my previous article that a man should take initiative-a real man takes initiative. Here are some of the areas that a Man should mostly focus on as far as taking initiative is concerned.
Interesting debate on trusting female or male is not finding any concrete answer as there are plenty of opinions on both sides.There have been multiple surveys taken on these issues which also resulted in multiple results favoring both sides
A lovely romantic poem from the "Approaching the scent of love" collection to be released soon.
When doing a commercial or television show the producers and directors should know the difference between a rooster and a chicken.
This is an essay on the nature of being black in America.
The effeminate gay man. A flaming homo or a simple gay man with feelings?
Writing gay characters is a very difficult task. The challenge is in creating a memorable character that is not a stereotype or derogatory. The intent on writing a good gay character is knowing how to distinguish them in your writing without offending the character or the LGBT communi...
In most relationships improper expression of love, lack of time to express yourself to your partner are the major causes to break the bond. How can impress your partner when they near or far from you. A single word can change your life.
Ive been dealing with this internal conflict of why men do the things they do ,make decisions they make and seem to live life without a good intention or purpose for a really long time now. I just want to understand things and where the male perspective comes from.
Modern girl is the charm of the parties, functions and meetings her lively conversation, her butterfly -like approach and her actress -like behavior add more color to every party.
In October of 2012 I had a heart attack. I wanted to touch base with everyone to tell you about my recovery from this earlier scare.
Low testosterone level has profound effects in men's health. Low T is a serious matter. Know the signs and symptoms so you can get immediate treatment.
Opinions on homosexuality span a wide range, and the very mention of the word evokes strong emotional or religious responses from some people. We agree with many others that homosexuality is not a perversion, illness, or sin, but a natural human variation growing out of complex develo...
Interesting research on what attracts some women to certain men.
Adopt corals in Maldives and spend a holiday in Maldives with local islanders or in resorts of Maldives spread around Male.
Sample size in present study was 200 divided in two classes, female & male teacher trainees. Those were again divided into two subclasses- distance & traditional system of education. They were asked whether sex education is required to avoid AIDS disease in society. It can thus be gen...
A common question among people who keep Betta fish, is [i]“If you cannot put male and female Betta fish together without them fighting, how do Betta fish breed?”.[/i] Read on to find out how Betta fish reproduce. Learn how you can become a breeder.
Live with Intention. Make Choices to empower yourself. Breakdown triggers and patterns and heal. Practice empathy with yourself and others. Heal yourself and heal the world. This is the beginning of Inner Peace…
Healing our wounds is vital not only to the individual but to those we love, and to the whole world because the wound of one person is a wound that manifests itself in all of us and the whole. The repercussions of this are greater than any one of us and are quite difficult to imagine...
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