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After the tragic fall of Adam and Eve that took pace in the garden of Eden, Mankind in society began a process of repair, to get back into a meaningful relationship with God. In the future, mankind is destined to becomes the sons and daughters of God. For as many as are led by the Sp...
Who wants to watch scary films if one has a look on newspaper headlines every day?
Our EENDAG epic continues with a short history of Kevin and his dream to change the world for the better with robotics:
It is really a sad time now to witness so many diseases being introduced all over the world without any medicine to cure those.
Man and Woman now a days are equal women are now more manly than men Men wear skirts like Scottish or those in Bhutan kind!
From song titles to the silver screen to society, The Man has held sway over his minions for as long as we care to remember. Here lays a quick remembrance. And the groupings? - Made sense to me.
The message of creation is written in the book of Genesis, where we find a spiritual relationship developing with the first generation of mankind, here we find the intricate putting together of the human form.
A poem touching on the realities of litter and pollution and how it destroy's our environment.
In this digital age. In this super fast day of social media and interaction. it is worth remembering that we are all human.
This is about two whom the bible calls betrayers, Iscariot and Lucifer , and yet they were two mighty ones who were instructed to do what they did in order for future happenings to take place. And for mankind to learn that out of so called badness comes great deeds....enjoy if you ca...
Every reality stands on an ideology. Two friends stood on an ideology and made their ode for freedom of mankind but it was broken after, one of them forgotten but one never forgotten and he feels the same pain all over his life.
This essay covers the writer's ideas about life. He became philosophical when he accidentally killed a spider. Don't be afraid of the light, just because you are afraid of the darkness. Your light tells others that your alive in your home.
Perhaps if you could travel into the future you would see a different world; have different senses; a different way of knowing...but why not try doing it now and see what you come up with...I did and this is what I saw...enjoy
How often do you speak or write? To many of us these are skills we use without even thinking about it, but for some people the ability to express themselves can be a challenge. Speaking and writing may have been some of the primeval skills we learnt as human beings, they helped us com...
Our hero is exploring the whole new world he finds himself in, in our movie EENDAG. Will he find himself some friends who can tell him what's going on here?
Once again the Mancharians speaks of the soul's growth bedeviled by mankind's disharmony giving rise to a life of misery. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The destiny of mankind literally is in our hands. To follow through to the age of enlightenment is the question.
How the Georgia Guidestones have outline the course for humanities future.
This writ has been taken from the book "The Mancharians' Newest Civilization" (Volume One). The Mancharians now speak of creation, and the atom and light as being the building blocks of all creations, whether man, animals, rocks, etc. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
A personal view on the slant on the debate of global warming.
We can't nowadays say what we want to with a hope that others will accept just because we say so ------Today's child is the father of tomorrows man
Every creature by names are identified, In the union of spirit mortal man unite For common causes, riots and ruins incite. The fires ablaze with passions inside,
This Poem is about the 'hard to get' attitude ladies portray to interested guys. This is a very common attribute from the so called 'high-class babes' especially. As it is said, the chase is the most interesting part of a relationship, because, all the drama, the behavioral studying a...
This Poem is about Poverty. It is said that Poverty is a mind-set and manifests after polluting the mind. Poverty is beyond just physical lack or non-possession of material things, because it affects even those in possession of such things.
The greatest enemy of mankind, as people have discovered is not science, but war. Science mmerely reflects the social forces by which it is surrounded. It is found that when there peace, science is construcive , when there is war, science is perverted to destructive ends.
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