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When Jesus left this earth he said, In My Father's houe are many Mansions. I go to prepare a place for you." I believe those Mansions are just as real as the ones down here but they will be more comfortable, more beautiful and will be our dwelling place for all of eternity. It will ne...
It is sad to see how man builds walls in his mind and heart. Walls that do not have windows for winds of reconciliation to pass. These walls of anger, hate, jealousy, insecurity, suspicion and all other devilish feelings are making humanity bleed endlessly.
It is most painful to see people divided by feelings of anger, hatred, violence, suspicion, insecurity and such attitudes that can be only the Devil's mates.
Mitt Romney's 3600 square foot beach house is too small, so he's tearing it down and replacing it with a bigger one, a much bigger one.
Runway closures at Manchester airport meant Colleen Rooney has had to wait to see the 6 bedroom mansion Wayne has had built for him and his family in Barbados.
This article gives a clear review of the Chung King Mansions in Hong Kong.
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