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This article is one of a series I am planning to clarify my accidental involvement in the unfolding drama around the posting of a pornographic image on the US-based Institute for Global Church Studies' Facebook group page. . "Trying the spirits" (1John 4: 1-5), I am currently treatin...
We know that facebook is an awesome social networking platform Which have large amount of users. Facebook allows us to communicate anyone for free with facebook accounts. It changes the whole face of social networking concepts.Daily 1000's of accounts creates on facebook because of it...
Beast is a puppy belonged to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Beast has a Facebook page just like anyone else. You can integrate with Beast via his Facebook page to know him more.
Follow-up criticism of Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart's government for mimicking US President Barak Obama's "data mining" of Americans' Facebook activity. According to a recent Facebook report Barbados' government requested info on three of its citizens' FB accounts. Barbad...
Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of Facebook. No-one can stop and can change his decision. If he really wanted to kick off all the Filipino Facebook users of Philippines from using Facebook nobody will question it!
The richest people in America are often businesspeople or entrepreneurs, sometimes athletes and entertainers.
There was some news that Facebook is going to be closed.
Clearing the news about the rumour about facebook and what started it?
Social networking destroyed this man's life. Don't let it happen to you too.
Today, the man behind Facebook–the world’s famous social networking site was revealed under the name of Mark Zuckerberg a 25-year-old. He was given the recognition of as The Person of the Year in the Time Magazine.
These are general trivial information about Facebook that everyone must get acquainted with.
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