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Marriage and divorce are the verse and obverse of the same coin...Thus the Western world so vastly independent remains ...two unknown get together for nuptials as it trains..
As a little girl, Anastacia Ngure never dreamt of being a wife. And no, she wasn’t against marriage. “I never had the fairytale fantasy. The white gown, the aisle were just not my thing. Sure I was not living to avoid it, but it wasn’t something worth striving for, she explains.
Desires of a married guy.There is a guy with a lovely wife still he asks others for nocturnal favours Ask him why
Marriage a chance..Marriage has no Insurance to success Or has it?
Marriage etiquette..Modern days marriage wedding be ready for a second helping
Of marriage and divorce...I wrote it in one breath So you read it too and only if you can keep it a secret..
You and your spouse seemed to have so much in common- before you got married, that is. Now, disillusioned has driven a waste between you, making you feel more like cell mates than a soul mates.
This is a small poem on the subject ,so very much debated all over the world and one of sex or lust or just marriage.
Whether they are conscious of it or not, many women end up marrying a man who reminds them of daddy: for better or worse.
Simple marriage This is modern humour ..when there is a rumour they all were amourish..young teens
fortieth anniversary deserves forty paragraphs at least.. so we must give forty times as many presents of love... for all times to come
This article is about making plans for our happy married life and find our soul mate
This article is about the young marriages which will spoil our life
This article is about the inter connection between the Marriage And Religious Activities
This is an episode based on my consultants Maintaing utmost secrecy I wanted to share how divorces can be avoide.
This page is about forced Marriages which must be banned from the society
Some times Arranged marriage will be converted in to a love one with this kind of understanding...
This article gives the meaning of marriage. Read out to know about it.
For a correct understanding of the importance of trust in any marriage, especially in a Muslim marriage, one needs to look no further than the definition of each of the words, marriage and trust.
The greatest gift to human is the inexhaustible ability of learning. Old, young, wise, not so wise, all people have the opportunity to learn something new every day
I am hurt with the fight for equal marriage that is happening at the moment, and the fact that there actually needs to be one!
No man is perfect. You just have to choose what you want in your man. Some men are sugar coated outside and will give you all the bling, glitter and glamor but so bitter inside that every time they melt on your tongue, they'll make you puke. All you do is rebuke yourself for taking th...
Since the beginning of our history the Lord has sanctioned marriage. My family’s wedding traditions since the 1840’s have centered on eternal marriage.
Marriages build relationships between two families . But these relationship are very fragile which break up due to tiny domestic problems . Read this article to read more about the problems which lead the marriage failure or break ups .
Marriage is a social convenience that binds two individuals together, to help both to grow with each other. Again, growth needs freedom.
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