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Well, by now I know this whole karate class cycle. We get there, get dressed in the dressing room, then go out into the hall, then we have to wait about 15 minutes while Frank the sensei, or sometimes some old ballie, whom I'm guessing is his father or family of sorts, finish up the a...
These are my five favorite martial artists in action films.
To learn self-defense is about not picking street fights, imitating those shaolin kung fu fighters in belts, but, brandishing your skills or intimidating with your black belts but it’s about learning to survive against odds, learning self-discipline, focus, and self respect and bei...
There are an assortment of games on the planet and the two that I discover the most enthusiasm in are blended combative technique and football. Regardless of that truth that the two appear to be inverse of each other there are a few similitudes and contrasts between them.
I love Japanese animation!! I love the whole Robotech and ... well whatever anime else there is. And if I love that, I should love karate too, right? Well I seem to think so anyway. Besides, it's good as a sport, but it's also good for fighting off whomever would attack me. Ever. If...
Which Martial arts program is best for you ? With so many different types of styles out there, it can be hard to choose. lets discuss some pros and cons.
Martial arts is one of the most admired defense training. This technique is generally a good practice environment. It needs complete dedication and focus, and continuously grasp with the assistance of a trained teacher.
Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared...
This is what happens when someone who has done martial arts for years is hassled by a drunk guy.
What do we mean when we say “finisher”? We are referring to a final push that finishes up your routine before you start your cool down. It’s usually one last unique circuit or exercise that pushes the guys to their absolute limit…it’s where they “empty the tank” as I ...
Reports say that there is a considerable increase in women of Asian countries attending Martial Arts Schools. Does it show that women are rising up with more power or does it reflect the increase of social evils against women?
The Gatka is an old martial art of the Sikhs. It is lying dormant and needs to be revived.
As a martial arts practitioner, a question I have been asked many times over the years is; which is the best martial art?
An article about society's obsession with wrapping everybody up in cotton wool. Unfortunately, it has filtered through to the masses.
When we think of Bruce Lee, what comes to mind is a uniquely special martial artist who was on top of his game compared to his contemporaries. In other words, his combat methods were far away superior to other practitioners, and there’s a good reason why.
What is Pepper Spray? Pepper spray is an OC spray, OC gas and capsicum ingredient spray formula used for self-defense. If your enemy attacks you, you must be prepared for battle
This article was created to show video instruction that explains how the body reacts to attack situations specific to the strikes and kicks.
This article will explore the impact the introduction of firearms had upon the Samurai warriors of feudal Japan
This article will discuss ways to make martial arts training more accessible to people with special training needs. It is hoped it will encourage those reading it to think about this important issue, and inspire any readers with special needs to begin training in the martial arts, so ...
Bruce Lee was an incredible martial artist and the impact of his amazing physical attributes is still being felt today. He still sets the standard for speed, power, and of course, washboard abs. Bruce Lee trained intensely to sculpt a perfect, functionally fit body. To do so requir...
This article was written to help martial artists learn how to use and apply basic fighting stances.
This article was written to explain the essence of a balanced Kung Fu Lifestyle giving examples of how to achieve that balance and harmony.
This is an article on my combat system that I call Aggression Control Tactics.
This article was written to express the need to continue to learn and refine new techniques in martial arts training!
This article was written to explain the power of breathing and how it relates to martial arts, health, wellness, stress reduction and inner growth.
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