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Somewhere, someone got at least two different New Testament characters mixed up, and Mary Magdalene has mistakenly and unfairly been tagged with another woman's reputation.
...because Mary Magdalene is more than just a prostitute. She is a woman of influence and she deserves to be given love and respect.
Healing is an art, closely associated with divinity. We consider doctors who heal our diseases as gods. It is the learning and spiritual cleanliness of the doctor that heals the diseases in most occasions. To heal the sick, we needn’t possess the required conventional medical qualif...
Just thoughts and facts I have found that point to the fact that Jesus may have been married to Mary Magdalene and that they may have had children together.
We all know that there is nothing more fearsome than a scorned woman. She is vicious and revengeful. The closest in viciousness to her are gay men as I have experienced a number of times. This piece is dedicated to just one of them. I still have lots of good friends amongst them an...
Easter egg hunting is a fun during the time of Easter. There are Easter egg hunting events in communities and families. They add great fun for families with children. It is quite interesting to see children searching around the yard, in search of the hidden Easter eggs. On the First ...
Even though we may not realize it, (some of us anyway) Angels are all around us.
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