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A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
In the world, there´re three thousand million women, but only eight of them are top models as stated by Body Shop in their commercial slogan. What does it mean?
What does life seem to you at different phases of your life? Things that you experience everyday, what does it feel like? To me, it feels like a masquerade part where everyone is wearing masks.
Partly inspired after reading some Allen Ginsberg poetry.
This is based upon a girl who fails to see what is right in-front of her. Her glasses have blinded her vision.
A step by step guide to rob a bank in India. It is an honorable method and does not attract any penal action.
You should not be mistaken, by the white horse or the description of the rider, here we have a deceptive conqueror, a bold fraudster, the rider upon the white horse is not the lion of the tribe of Judah, he looks fitting, but its not the real thing, he is not the conquering Saviour, t...
TB is the most dreadful disease that is common across all parts of the world. Preventive measures are the prerequisite to everyone who are having and even away from the TB. Have peaceful days for the rest6 of the life knowing all the valuable information.
its about the other side of the so much favored "LOVE"!
1. A quick poem about self image, and the frustration of looking at your reflection and seeing something you despise. 2. Just a couple of short acrostics about emotions we're all familiar with.
The need to communicate is as old as mankind, and yet, somehow we still haven't learnt how to listen properly......
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