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What is a spider and what is the web it weaves? Do spiders learn maths before they hatch? Do humans weave similar predictable geometric patterns when they nest?
Range and Interquartile Range are some of the most useful tools for compiling statistical analysis.
In order to have proper statistics on a subject, the method of data collection is most important.
Before getting started in the exciting world of Statistics, there are a few terms that you must understand.
Statistics is used throughout the modern world. However, if the data is not collected properly, the results will be inaccurate.
Statistics is full of terms and formulas, but three make up the backbone. They are Mean, Median, and Mode.
Now that you have the data, what are you going to do with it? The first step is knowing how to add the variables.
A Scale that has a Definitive Starting Point of Zero. This is one of the key building blocks of understanding Statistical formulas.
Schools may appear all the same, but are they? are you depriving your children success in the future. You may, if you believe that all school are run uniformly.
Felipe and Anthony discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings on the night on the night they recused David from drowning. A bond is forged between the three boys.
We always imagine mathematics to be complex and almost a mythical subject, having little to do with real life, yet in fact it is able to explain many of the fundamentals of life. Through computers our lives are founded on mathematics, whether this is in calculations performed in a spr...
The system that I use to do big subtraction equations in les then 5 second its hard to understand but truly works
Gambling has long been held as a societal evil, breaking up families, forcing people to lose their jobs, so much so that it falls under the authoritative arm of the government. However, we gamble every day, not necessarily with money, and teaching children to learn about risk will ac...
Place value, especially of decimals, can be complicated and difficult to explain. Hopefully a walk with me on my journey teaching the concept to my son will help you explain it to your children or help you understand it better yourself. I am home-schooling my fifth grader for the fir...
Sometimes the sum of the same format, of which has its own uniqueness. Below is an example:
I don't know how to write summaries, what I'm posting is essentially already a summary, thus, a Cat in the Hat Comes Back- the little cats, the alphabet ones, do you remember, under his hat, one upon the other like a nesting Cat in the Hat, a cat for a cat- I don't know how to write ...
Have you ever been spanked when you were a child? If so, how did you feel about it?
Learning in word problems in Algebra is not easy. You must practice very well to be familiar and confident in dealing with it. In answering word problems always determine the kind of problem and what the problem is all about. Always remember that every problem has a solution, you must...
Tips to help you make it through algebra and solve word problems.
How to Make Sure 3rd Graders Master Math Concepts Third grade is an important year in your child's math education. In third grade they will learn the important foundational concepts of borrowing, carrying and multiplication that they will use in all higher math classes. However, the...
First grade is a formative period in education. The skills that students learn during first grade provide a basic for the remainder of their academic careers. They also provide a basis for some of their very first real life, academic based skill sets, such as the start of a functiona...
Who said math and language can never meet? This is a poem about math and its elements
This was an essay written for my math class that got good reviews from the class. It was written to explain the concept of dimensions which was a topic many participants of the class were having trouble with.
When a good student fails a test is --more than likely than not-- because he has had a serious problem at home.
I really don't get the point why most people hate math. Before when i was still in high school, i could remember the several zeros and red marks that i have earned in every exams that my teacher would give the class.
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