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Somebody's attractiveness lies in their DNA. You will only find somebody attractive if their genes and yours are compatible and attract each other. Or so some TV show or magazine article or something told me once...
So, do you like big boodeh to sit on your face while you make love to it? No? Well I thought I don't either, but recently I felt such an attraction for a chick who wasn't what one can call skinny, so do I like big butts and I cannot lie?
Do you know anything about a peregrine falcon? Have you ever heard of one? In this writing, I will tell you as much as I know about peregrine falcons from research.
Another wander through timeless eternity with She, Lady of Light. Root races, children of Light, Mighty Ones and giants mating oh oh oh...lots of fun and information here for you...enjoy
Cattle, especially cows have cornered a special place in society. When they face problems, it is up to man to solve it. To reproduce, cattle must mate and here we see some aspects of cattle breeding.
Flamingo is not only one of the uncommon but of the wariest birds in the world and the most formidable of approach.
Raccoons, known for intelligence, adaptability and sociability, have evolved from tropical tree dwellers to general utility animals that take advantage of every kind of environment and every possible kind of food source, so that by now they can survive in near Arctic conditions of the...
~ creatures of earth must know so much more than humans ~ they don’t seem to question ~ go about the business of life ~ sharing ~ protecting & rearing their young ~ paying attention ~ surviving ~ attempting to stay alive ~
~There is a wolf in the fold~I smell it under my skin~a hungering for the lock~sex & the kill~always the same & blood is its name~
I know its sound tempting and you might already have “ah huh” written all over your face. Is this about biology? Yes, it is. Sounds under age? No. This is about nature reproduction.
I photographed few insects making love in the natural environs of Kerala India.
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