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I am a baby boy who has left heaven to come to the earth. Like others I chose my parents and family before leaving and I am accompanied here by my two angels who have promised that they will never leave me. I chatter away as I await my birth, then realize that I am about to be born.
Understanding the essence of life through different explanations
A finite mortal earth being evolutionary philosophy of almighty immortal destiny.
How many states of matter do you know? three? four? or five? well, i guess that is somewhat obsolete for now. Find out the other state of matter.
Self-image is important to evaluate what direction we take in life. Especially when we begin the successful progress towards a worthy Ideal.
There is this hackneyed notion that the 'West' emphasises materiality whereas the 'East' focuses on 'spirit'. Yes, it's a cliche, but it keeps on cropping up. I go to the root of the meaning of 'matter' in the long Western philosophical tradition and find a surprising fact.
6th in the More Than Series. This is about Beauty and how that can be more than what our society might think.
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 29. Take a line or image from an earlier poem and rework into a new poem. In this cause used the line from True Love Is No matter what it might cost to make this one.
Inspired by after seeing some people comment back and forth about two women and their weight one person's picture was Marilyn Monroe and I was thinking how we worry too much sometimes about certain issues in our lives.
A short poem about living life to the full no matter if you are rich or poor. Some people think that the only things in life is money.
Have you ever searched inside of yourself or looked up at the sky wondering about what really is beyond the mind of man/woman. The endless quest for eternity. The meaning of space and time. This is my take on it....
A poem about how love is the strongest of all emotions and that when it comes your way you can not fight it.
A short poem about the pleasures of sailing on a narrow boat. What you see and why I enjoy the time on board.
Ancient texts like Vedas and Upanishads say that there is no matter, and everything is an illusion (maya)! Then how karma steps in and works towards our betterment of what is not there?
Property name sound's good because you feel proud when someone makes his or her house on your name without any hardship's then that is the actual time you enjoy with the money forgetting everything and spending like hell even forgetting god at time's.he is the only person who decide's...
This an experimental poem with multiple rhyming words coming one over the other in the next line in every stanza. Every stanza conveys a philosophical message.
The question remained within many minds how does the universe operate exactly and what is nature still hiding from us? Well, string theory research could unveil mysteries of the universe at the subatomic level or even beyond that.
In this article, you will learn to describe the effects of heat on objects.
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