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There is much consternation as to whose race is of the pure strain. In this Mini-Series of the “Non-Fiction” The Seeding, this issue and “much more” will be placed before the public – globally. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
I am going through some of those feelings right now. And the sad part of it is, I don't know how to come out of it.
Many young one's do fall in love quite often during their college day's. But in most cases, their love will not last long and they will also struggle to come out of their first love which is not at all easy
Can you resist the language of a New York teenager from the 1950's? You really can't...
This is a story about a young woman who truly loved a nice man, but he refused to grow up. So, she had to...
It's sometimes hard to make a move, even one you know is best for you, when others don't understand. I made a decision to divorce after 28 years of marriage. Family, friends and church members questioned my decision, my faith, even my sanity. All I know is that I am finally at peace a...
After a year of creating articles, I look back on their conception and subsequent place in the world. Like so many lost and forgotten and ill-begot pieces of me, they languish in the cloud of sanguine resignation.
In this article I shall tell you why parenting requires high level of maturity.
A young gal composes a lovely poem about her transformation from childhood to freshwoman
Nicodemus was a political bureaucrat on one hand; Christian associate on the next, the world in one hand, God in the other, friendship with the world is the enemy of the cross. Born again is necessary, because we were all dead in trespasses and sins, Ephesians 2:1 And to bring t...
Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is the native of Asia. About half of the total buffalo is present in India. They are domesticated for milk, meat, skins and power. The world's first clone of water buffalo is developed by Indian scientists at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. ...
This article is about the immature persons who are making relationship easily without responsibilities.
It is amazing how mach places have recorded an increase in their Divorce numbers.
In this day and age of deep fried potatoes and 300-calorie salad dressings, it's a miracle for someone to live beyond 100 years. So if you're around 25 to 29 years old, and you feel like you're missing a lot on life, you might be experiencing quarter-life crisis. Stop whining and read...
This is a short poem which deals with issues surrounding the raising of children
“Language… has created the word ‘loneliness’ to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word ‘solitude’ to express the glory of being alone.” - Paul Johannes Tillich
“The young always have the same problem - how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have solved this by defying their parents and copying one another.” - Quentin Crisp
How often we heard of people being motivated and other dejected by others words
Some experts and scientist believed and estimated that the Blue Whale can be able to live for up to 80 years.
Some experts and scientist believed and estimated that the Blue Whale can be able to live for up to 80 years.
I wrote this for my 'Adopted' daughter, as she reached her 40th birthday with such dread...I was trying to tell her that as we grow older, we truly get to know ourselves...and be more content within the skin we inhabit. This could apply just as easily to turning, 50, 60, etc....Age is...
Love and romance is not only for the young...Despite silver hair and ageing skin, you can still be young at heart...still ready to embrace that new relationship that comes along, despite the advancing years....
We become frighten of certain things as we get old, fearful of society around us, and seek to cocoon in our homes, but there are so much to do while we are ageing,
Is it possible to remain friends after the break up?
Every parents' dream is to see how they could make a perfect life for their children. Not even a scratch or a bite from an ant should touch their baby's skin......Towards growing up, a lot of changes occur within that child, but the love of the parents would always stay the same.
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