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It was Christmas Eve at a deployment site in Saudi Arabia. God had a special blessing for me that night.
Well, it's Sunday morning and I decide to start going. I first cycle 40 minutes on the stationary bike in front of the television, as I had been doing now for a few days since I had hit some fitness inspiration wave and would like to make the best of it before it passes.
Management of change: McDonalds Food Joint..This is my third Review so many had read but left no comments.... One needs to do a lot of RESEARCH to be able to comment
I beat my fast-food habit and so can you. If your waistline, self-image, and your health has made a change for the worse you are not alone.
Young people carry their $5 cups of boutique coffee and yet, I have to wonder if they ever think about how that daily latte is stunting their growth.
This article is not yet a starer ,when will it become one ask the MOOD RATERS.. McDonalds JOINTS.... ARE YOU LISTENING IN AND HARVARD TOO ...MAY BE CAMBRIDGE WOW
A fun sunny afternoon in the spring of 78. This is how I met my wife.
I love English muffins...but, I sure wish they were more like their brother...the bagel.
I was deployed and depressed...but, God had a way of cheering me up.
I am trying to start a movement...Operation Rear-View Mirror. Its all about having a generous heart and hand.
A fast food job can lead to a great career. Here's some advice on how to make that happen.
It's popular to attack the salaries of CEOs and decry the salaries of a factory worker.
I was working at one job...but, offered another. How would my life be different had I accepted it?
There is a movie called Pay It Forward...I am encouraging you to pay it backwards.
Mickey D's has been part of my life for 35 years. Here's my recollections.
McDonalds CEO managed to drop 20 pounds while eating at McDonalds daily.
McDonalds Thesis..This article has been read by 3462 folks only ....since it was written in 2010..The full article is too lengthy ,thus at the request of some fiends I am reposting brief portions ... for ease of quicker ,maybe slower, digestion .
really, you're never shopped at Walmart? I find that a tad UNBELIEVABLE. Where else can you buy groceries, house paint, a gun, and microfiber sheets under the same roof?
The man said he could eat 24 McDonalds hamburgers. Could he do it?
I wrote this article over two years ago,for a student who was undergoing an MBA course in UK. She promised to pay me 200 Dollars .She bluffed .Such persons will lead the world from somewhere. Important place and be the ones nourished from the soil called CORRUPTION...
We would understand McDonald’s combines global and multi-domestic strategies in this article.
This is a small article on an item you may never of heard of which is hidden off the McDonalds menu.
The color RED can be a good strategy to advertise food business
About the ill treatment of cows. Their terrible living conditions. Their being killed to fill the meat sections of super markets, McDonald's, Burger King and other fast food eating places.
Hope Mill, NC woman arrested for cutting in line at McDonald's after refusing to leave.
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