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After a long days walk in the country a man builds a fire in a meadow and reflects on the beauty of night time.
It's a bit complicated, but it's about a boy with an unhappy childhood. The boy turns to nature and the beauty of nature to take his mind off his problems. As he grows old he begins to think about those times and would like the opportunity to go back in time to leave his younger self ...
This is the season of forest splendour and trees wear their finest robes they burst forth into all their richest and warmest colours of the year,
Meadows rich with green grass, little wild flowers softly sway, On a small wind drifting gently past on this late summer’s day,
Many years ago my wife and I lived by a beautiful lake in the Northamptonshire countryside. The lake had a path around it and the walk took about half an hour. There were many lovely woods and meadows around this lake and we made a friend with a duck who only had one eye and my wife c...
About a man who went to mow a meadow, It was a beautiful summer day and it was a joy not a chore.
A Sparrow Hawk swoops low over fields and meadows searching for small birds and chicks.
Mr. August walks around his countryside ensuring everything is going to natures plan. After looking he finds all is good and thanks his special friends.
When I went for a walk in the morning I saw a tiny flower in the meadow's grass. It looked so fresh and happy. I began to talk to it and it made my day.
Sitting in a garden on a July morning a robin trills his summer song.
Walking through a summer country side. The beauty is amazing
Looking at nature as it unfolds its gifts and a song in your heart.
Blooms faded; equaling a blurred, sepia toned undefined trespassing, A pastoral, sentimental poem
"A grey cloud in holes flew in the sky alone, headed for its dole all the time along..."
Winter wanes with the welcome of March and the promise of spring peeking colorfully through the melting snow.
My garden contains the magic nectar of summer and the sweet buttercup memories of youth...
A walk through the woods created two poems mirrored by the same feelings yet said in slightly different ways. I thought it might be fun to let you choose which sparks your imagination more...
A poem about walking through a meadow in the winter time - looking for spring. Do I find it?
A young maiden plucked petals off a Daisy to affirm her love for her young man who died at sea. This is a poem of love.
A Walk in the Meadow – a poem. Some private thoughts of an individual on his travels while walking through a meadow in Wales.
Did the Nursery Rhyme "Little Boy Blue" originate in the Bible? The biblical book of Joel has only three chapters and reading through them you get glimpses of "Little Boy Blue."
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