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University life comes with lots of classes and lots of hard work. Sometimes it brings love to two lonely people.
Good homophone lessons should be part of any grammar repertoire. But lists of words just don't stick in the memory like visual verse. So please enjoy the "lesson."
I'm a day late, but in honor of National Punctuation Day, this Grammarian wanted to share some tips on comma usage.
Native speakers know how to pronounce familiar words like "bicycle" even though the same letter (C) says different things in the same word. But for someone struggling with reading skills, sometimes having rules to latch on to will help those pesky letters become more meaningful parts ...
Happy Father's Day is correct. Happy Fathers Day is acceptable. Happy day to all the father's out there is not. Learn why.
Have you ever told a friend, "Sure, that's easy, I can do that."? Here's what happened when I did that.
A real life example and true story of how to not get ripped off by an auto mechanic
Last Friday, Lewis Hamilton announced that after 14 years with McLaren, he has signed with Mercedes for a three year deal. Read on to find out more.
Newtons 3 laws of motion are the corner stone of classical mechanics and have remained so for hundreds of years.
A insight into how new cars are actually tested before you buy them.
These are ideas to think about before you call Auto Mechanic!
Before investing your hard earned money into a classic car it is important to know the basics
For many years now the Mobile fire rescue department has had its own mechanics assigned to the fire department. The mechanics that were assigned was put under the fire department manpower and were issued fire department uniforms.
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