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There are so many health insurance policies and reading fine print can be a headache. I have chosen these policies. I wonder if there are better alternatives around.
The end of my two month long struggle with the Affordable Care Act and my state's Insurance Exchange website
My continuing attempts to sign up for a new medical insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act
Continuing my efforts to get healthcare for 2014 by using a state insurance marketplace exchange.
I detail my efforts to sign up for medical care insurance under the Affordable Care Act using an Exchange, as well as talk about how Obamacare is supposed to work.
When a man robs a bank to get medical care, something is seriously wrong in this country.
Increase in insurance cost and jobs that offer full coverage are difficult to find and are causing many families to think if they can do without any health insurance coverage. As insurance cost may be high, it seems that this one change can have a huge benefit on a tight budget.
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