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We are tracing the roots of the Canadian Medicare System. We started with the healthcare in New France before Canada was a country and now we now will look at the Canadian Medicare Act.
While it may not always seem like it, there is a Government Accountability Office who watches over government spending and issues a report every two years...and this is what they found.
Not just the U.S. government but indeed the whole country seems to be confused, divided, and angry. A hypothesis as to why.
We all need to be careful of the medicare supplemental insurance ads on television, newspapers and radio. It is best to read your medicare booklet or talk with a medicare agent.
The so-called fiscal cliff is a ruse to further enrich the fat cats on Wall Street while the middle class descends into poverty.
After watching a video clip of the 60 minutes Governor Romney interview with Scott Pelley on a fellow writers article and after a bit of research to make sure Mr. Romney's facts were true, I now will be casting my vote for this former Governor.
In an article that I wrote about finding health insurance. Now that the health bill has been passed, many people now wonder: what does it mean now?
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