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The practice of hair removal is not of recent times and has been in vogue since several centuries. It is a known fact that ancient Egyptians also used it, especially the Priests. However, it has really caught on in the last 100 years.
Here is the second part of Klonopin and this will help you decide whether to take this medicine. Or maybe you will not want to take it or find out you can't. You might not be able to because of something you already take.
I walk almost everywhere and as the weather gets colder I find myself in need of defense from illness.
Drug shortages can seriously affect a person's life. Governments need to be more vigilante and oversee the pharmaceutical companies to make sure there is always a supply for the demand.
High cholesterol is most likely caused by unhealthy eating habits and incorrect living lifestyle. It is not a heritage disease and does not pass on to your future generation. High cholesterol disease can be cured and keep under control with these healthy tips.
an intimate look at why I am willing to go to many efforts to get well ,but am unwilling to do what it takes to prevent sickness.
I recently read a heartbreaking story regarding a brain tumor patients in Oregon who decided to end her life on Nov 1 with assisted suicide medication prescribed by her doctors. She is pushing for laws like this. Am I against it or for it? Are you against it or for it?
Drug addiction is considered to be a destructive condition. In a recent survey, even after successful treatment, in a drug rehabilitation center, addicts may still experience periods of relapse,
This could start a furor as I am not a lover of medical doctors as I have said before. Most are in it for gain and many have forgotten their Hippocratic Oath. I do know that it is difficult to practice now because of the high insurance costs many people sue. I also think they...
TAPS and the Travel Channel looked into the vast amount of reports from visitors claiming to have witnessed apparitions, strange noises and whispers while visiting the asylum. They were not disappointed. The proof was everywhere. Today the asylum is one of the most visited haunted ven...
Should you take a prescribed medication for osteoarthritis? Learn the difference between allopathic vs alternative medication for treating osteoarthritis.
Have you ever woken up just KNOWING it isn't going to be the best day of your life, then life agrees with you?
As a youngster I was a goody two shoes, but I picked up the habit of smoking. Fortunately, I managed to control my smoking, and at seventy five, I am still kicking to tell my tale.
So this is a quick poem I wrote on taking medication, in this case anti-depressants. In some cases it is needed to balance out the hormones in the brain and make life easier to deal with, however after a while it feels like you are dependent on them, which in turn can really get a per...
It is interesting what people think is painful and what others do not find painful at all. We all have our own ways of dealing with pain.
Medications which are prescribed to help us can have unwanted side effects. This poem talks about such effects
Reverie return to me..This one is another musically based poetry Hope you all will love it
In part I, I listed and described over the counter medications and other non-medicinal pharmacological formulations which can cause hypertension Now I will list prescription only medications.
Medical marijuana has been found to have some medicinal properties that can alleviate certain chronic health conditions. Find out how you can obtain the drug in Canada and why Health Canada now allows private entrepreneurs to take up the billion-dollar economic venture.
The elderly generally take a large amount of medications. A good physcian should always be mindful of what medications he can reduce. This improves overall care for the elderly, reduces health costs and could reduce side effects as well.
It is so amazing the things people do to in that hope to keep those youthful looks.
Tea Party Republicans and the GOP regulars are demanding deep cuts in Medicare that would essentially end the program, yet they're not willing to lift a finger to close tax loopholes for millionaires. There will be what I believe A Great Out Cry!
This page talks about depression, and how sometimes we need more than medicine to fix our problems.
Old people take it granted that they can drink alcohol moderately. But as people advance in age their metabolism and alcohol tolerance becomes weaker. Hence even moderate drinking may not be beneficial for their health.
Our healthcare is changing here in the United States. Some people think it is good, others think it is bad. No matter what we think it is still going to change, but what are the differences between our healthcare and the United Kingdom healthcare?
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