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The medication Nolvadex is used to help with health problems such as breast cancer in women. The medication needs to be used along with a proper diet. It has been discovered that some foods do cause breast cancer. The people who have this fear that they are not going to be able to fin...
Medicine programs offer candidates an integrated and holistic health and healing, and allow professionals to apply this knowledge to established practices. In addition, medical graduates who are seeking graduate studies find that the acquisition of additional courses like these help i...
The Alternative Medicine is a practice used to replace conventional alopathy. It is spiritual, and religious, metaphysical approach, innovative healing.
Among the family of medicines, cough, flu and cold are the best sellers. Basically, cold and flu is the common illness among men of all walk. Medicines for colds or flu usually come in liquid form.
This article is about self medication. We must avoid it and follow doctor's advice
This article actually focused on the rise of Pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industry, and Bangladesh Drugs Regulatory Authority (DRA). This is a partial presentation of the whole industry. More would be added on later.
This page is about natural medicines, which we can get from our normal diet
Some of the health disorders cane be cured with the stuff available in the kitchen.
Musk melon fruit contains lot of nutritional values and medicinal values, it is best for pregnant's ,blood pressure
Star fruit is having lot of medicinal values and abundantly available in summer and this avoid sun stroke in summer and excess heat in summer
Summer is the season for Kokum fruits ,they have lot of medicinal values and also used in preparing food instead of tamarind
Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medical systems recommend curry leaf for many diseases. The mere presence of curry leaves ensures dishes with authentic flavor and a delicious taste that evokes nostalgia.
Star anise, botanically called illicium verum, is an Asian spice which belongs to the magnolia family. Poultices containing star anise and other hot spices are used as a reliable remedy for arthritis pain.
keera (cucumber) it can be used as best thrist, best for health due to its medicinal values, ingredients, uses for various health,healing problems
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