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It is common for people, particularly the elderly to regard periods in history as being the best times in terms of morality and happiness. However, a closer look reveals not-so dandy doings.
Here is an article about Medieval towns, their people and their hierarchies. This article shows how the terrible medieval Black Death, only served to strengthen and grow the peasant class rather than destroy it. Read on to learn more
Mythological tales of Medieval times abound in plentiful supply, so let me share my poetical take of a famous Welsh Legend of a faithful hound who lost his life through no fault of his own. Are you sitting comfortably..? Then let me begin...
York is one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Britain. Filled with history, places to visit and explore. Walk the ancient walls and get a birds eye view of great English gardens.
This is a short biography of John Dryden, a medieval poet.
Have you ever visited a Renaissance Fair? This piece was inspired by such a visit this past spring.
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