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De-bunk all the myths about meditation and use it for your benefit in life.
Meditation ere medication.Many guys ask me remedies for maladies... I say meditate most diseases are psychosomatic.. you will get over with... if you still want and wish go see a doc
read about my meditation techanique which i learnt from my guru(meditation teacher) suresh kumar,you may like that techanique.
Sometimes we have difficulty getting back to sleep after waking up at some time, or another in the wee small hours of the morning. This had been happening to me too. This is what I did about it, just the other night. I had an experience again with my little dog Abbey, who I still lo...
An article has appeared in the newspapers today that a Russian doctor intends to transplant a whole new head onto a person. This is my article penned in 2006. Sharing with you!
Here you'll find a complete step by step guide to Uddeśa Meditation and be guided to discover and live your dream
There are numerous meditation techniques and practices. People meditate to achieve different results. Some meditate to distress, to heal sickness and relief pain, to clear their minds, to find peace and for all other problems we face on a daily basis in our life. There is no right or...
Hiding in Plain Sight: America's Alternative Healthcare Practices
Humans by nature get upset at petty things.They get angry,nervous and feel stressed out at several times. These feelings can get uncontrollable if proper medication is not followed.Is there any cure apart from the drugs?
This article is about the Yoga Positions For Beginners. If you want to learn the yoga positions for beginners, you can learn it at home or at Easily school Where yoga is taught. Some basic yoga positions for beginners include standing poses, seated poses, forward and backward bends, b...
Yoga -- Not just streching, but an ancient method for attaining self-transcendence and union with the God-Being.
We don't want to experience hardships. If we could understand how to develop love and inner calm by way of meditation, then our lives certainly would not lose any of their richness.
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
On this page, I will explore various tips and hints for meditating as a process to get in touch with the metaphysical realm, enhance psychic abilities and explore the inner reaches of the mind.
This page is related to meditation technique and how to warm up yourself to do a perfect meditation.
This page is about meditation. Usually deals with how to do meditation.
If you can focus on being the observer whilst meditating this will bring interesting benefits in your daily life too. Why not give it a try??
Mindful eating can help you lose weight, reduce your stress, and enjoy your food more. Here's how to do it.
Meditation can help you get away from it all without ever leaving home. Escape stress, anxiety and problems by learning this ancient relaxation technique.
This page is about my personal experience during a long meditation
Being mindful can help us to cope with a busy, stressful world. Here's how you can do it, too.
Meditation has been proven that it helps relieve stress, lowers your heart rate and presents a soothing effect on the participant. It brings the mind and body together to help deal with every day's stress.
meditation is a simple art of getting hold of ones straying mind so as to enable one to concentrate.
The Human Mind is forever wavering travelling at electrical lightenening speed How to control it is the need of a strong WILL
Many folks have different ideas about meditation ------This is a simple process and can be performed just any where ......even in a moving bus.....God has no play in human meditation...
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