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While listening to a Wayne Dyer tape I responded to a challenge which entailed taking a walk in a dark woods in the early hours of a day. This short piece talks about that stroll in the woods, and the joy I experienced as a result.
De-bunk all the myths about meditation and use it for your benefit in life.
These five short stanzas attempt like haiku's to convey one author's thoughts.
I had a confused idea of life in general and I must find my hope in my future.
When you are busy talking you are too busy to hear what others are saying. The same applies when your mind is so preoccupied with thinking and analyzing. You can’t hear what you’re trying to tell yourself.
I first met Roy Eugene Davis years ago, went on the Center for Spiritual Awareness website soon after and finally got initiated into Kriya Yoga by him in March of 2004 in Costa Mesa, California. At that initiation he seemed to judge me at a conscious level and I realized that it was a...
Poetry comes pretty close to representing the language of God's love at times. Its hidden messages are often written in the silence between the lines. Here are some recent poems of mine about God's language, love, and laughter.
In the quiet, I get in touch with who and what I am, which is not this flesh and blood. These thoughts reflect my experience.
This short story is about someone called John who goes to Heaven and meets up with God. God gives him a rather mysterious letter to read, with strict instructions to him not to read it right now. Later on though, after reading this letter from God, it somehow disappeared. John told ...
The day may be a long and a tough one, but you can breeze through the day if you start the day on the right note. The question how do we accomplish this task. It may seem difficult at first, but it is not an impossible task. This article is about things that you can do to start the d...
Do you suffer depression? Are you able to face the stress? Do you know where to seek help? You look after your physical body. How to you look after your mind? Samadhi means having a mind (consciousness) that is firmly concentrated. As Samadhi reaches higher level, your body will be l...
More of my musings, coupled with beautiful images ☺
Meditation ere medication.Many guys ask me remedies for maladies... I say meditate most diseases are psychosomatic.. you will get over with... if you still want and wish go see a doc
read about my meditation techanique which i learnt from my guru(meditation teacher) suresh kumar,you may like that techanique.
Supreme knowledge (sambodhi) dawned on him that night and he became the Buddha (the Enlightened One) in 537 BC.
Are our dreams related in any way to our outer self? Is meditation actually a type of waking dream? How does meditation relate to a dream? These questions are answered here from a recent dream experience of mine, in which I first detail the dream for you, and then I give a brief dr...
Angels are thought of as being real by many people. After all, they are even mentioned in the Christian bible itself, many times. Recently, I had a meditation session where I met an angel. It was my recently deceased father, now an angel in Heaven. This opinion piece discusses my ow...
Observational Poetry writing while I was living in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
I intended to write music for these poems but I never did, I hope you enjoy them as they are.
Your memory health can affect your daily habit and it happens frequently without you realize. You might feel sometimes you feel that you forget something that should be very simple to remember like your key. This happens so often to many people. The way you forget your car key and you...
This poem endeavours to show that even amongst the seemingly complex patterns of life there still runs the thread of utter simplicity. The needle that threads the thread though must be love, and not fear, for this to be indeed so!
Sometimes we have difficulty getting back to sleep after waking up at some time, or another in the wee small hours of the morning. This had been happening to me too. This is what I did about it, just the other night. I had an experience again with my little dog Abbey, who I still lo...
This verse is about the dichotomy between expectation and experience.
Do you believe Buddhists worship trees, stones, and the devils? Are you sure these accusations are not cooked up by people who are jealous of this religion?
Flatulence is one of the most embarrassing bodily functions and has become the butt of so many cheap jokes. But problems related to digestion are no laughing matter.
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