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Love is a contradiction. How soon we spoil anything wholesome.
I saw on billboards there is soon to be a new Dracula film so as I walked to my friends for dinner I started composing this. Then sipping vodka and lime juice the rest got enjoy this tongue in cheek piece...a bit bloody toø...
Now Khau voi, which is 500 kms away from capital city of Honoi, Vietnam. Every year they are celebrating their Ex lovers meet/ market for two days.
A poem dedicated to my brother Jason that passed from Cancer.
Whether you work full-time, or stay at home throughout the week, the same old routine can easily become mundane and boring. Meeting new people in everyday life can bring joy and happiness to the same old boring routine. This article gives helpful advice on how to meet new people safel...
From Robert Brewster's Poetic Asides prompt Until We Meet Again. Dedicated to my husband Troy.
I was in a party when i saw this girl and wanted to say what i write in this poem to her, but i didn't. i was talking to the fellas what i would tell her because they know i got the smooth words and they wanted me to make the move.
It's a commonly used phrase, but what does it really mean?
Blind date is a two side of the may turn fine or go awry. Going on a blind date depends on your perception of the person. In some case, blind do turn out to a blossoming relationship which eventually leads to marriage.
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