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The crime spree is continuing in the park. Ladies are being attacked and their purses stolen. The Park Rangers summoned Dad to the park. Four girls had their bikes taken by a couple of guys in a pickup truck. Dad worked on a plan and has called the whole team together.
Dad has called an emergency meeting. The team has been threatened by unforeseen forces. Somebody spilled the beans on the team. They will have to work diligently to take down the enemy and save themselves. It's a risky endeavor but they've been left with no choice.
Meetings are a mainstay of working in groups. They can be held to arrive at a collective decision, generate ideas, receive status reports, planning etc. Whatever the reason, the purpose of all meetings is at its core the same – to establish an objective and seeing it through.
Well going overboard maybe for some...just a look at What Is...not the stuff we have been fed for so long now...and painting a picture of so called true love twixt two... and all that crap....
Rendezvous where!...Meeting there...Some hope to have a reunion in heaven ...Amen to them
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
This is a multi part story of how I met my father beginning from birth to when I met him when I was 25 years old.
Very first poem I ever wrote thought Id share :')
It seems to me that in considering any budgetary proposals, we have four tasks to carry out. First, we have to asses the financial strength of the country as revealed by the budget figures, secondly we have to examine the estimate of revenue, thirdly we have to consider whether the es...
How conference or meeting attendees can make the most out of the events
Developing and engaging. The biggest underlying theme for engaging employees is not tracking their every move, or even their happiness, but to inspire them to do their job to the fullest extent and to do it well, and then enjoyment with their work will come. Employees that are prop...
In the summer recess between freshman and sophomore years in college, i was invited to be an instructor at a high school leadership camp hosted by a college in Michigan, I was already highly involved in most campus activities, and I jumped at the opportunity. I tell this story as of...
The culprits are using the social network site facebook as the platform to attract the teen aged girls and after words kidnapping them.
Friendships forged during childhood are the purest. Hearts connect even when no other common ground exists. Running into old friends and re-living the past can be divine, very liberating. Read on for such pleasure.
It's a horrible feeling when you running late for an important meeting. Whether the delay is your fault or not the pressure and nerves greatly intensify. Let's face it it's going to happen to the vast majority of us at some point, the key thing is how you handle it though. Are you goi...
Do you hate going for out for lunch only to have your enjoyable meal ruined by loud talking business people?
An effective meeting agenda is very essential for success and failure of the meeting.
Adoption is a big choice and one that the media strives to put us off with its horror stories. I decided to find out more about it.
These are only suggestions. Employee will only really participate when they take the initiative and think of the ideas themselves. If this list serves to start things moving, it's done its job.
Top 10 reasons why you should attend a seminar!
On Internet, people from different time zones meet, so they need a greeting phrase without reference to a particular time zone, or a universal greeting phrase.
How Not to Run a Business with emphasis on Internal and external problems which are customer unfriendly
A brainstorming session is a group creativity technique. It is designed to define a problem, generate a large number of ideas to find the best answer for a plan of action to solve it. This method was popularized by Alex Faickney Osborn in 1953. In his book titled Applied Imagination, ...
Short tale about a centipede that had a big job to do for his queen.
Story of a robin chasing a magpie who had stolen.Daft punchline !
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