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Have you ever just stopped for a second to appreciate life and the giver of it. have you ever let him know just how Grateful you are just for his mere presence? If not I think you should. It's just so sweet to do.
I love the Autumn season which John Keats describes as ..The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ... these are my thoughts on this lovely time of year ......
My sister's 10yo cat Mack sitting comfortably on the sofa love seat,taking in the afternoon day.This big guy always takes up space wherever he can find it,including scooching closer to you.
A true story about how Coffee is grown and made into a Rich aromatic flavor it is today.
It’s not quite autumn, the last bit of summer to be enjoyed. This is why.
The first glimpses of it came today, so hopefully Spring is coming soon.
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