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Placing our trust in a higher power will help to build strong faith and this will motivate us to develop our self belief or self confidence......
A personal experience that taught me that you really shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
Based on a true story, this short memoir relives a tragedy that still haunts me and still leaves me wondering, What could I have done?
What a "Southern Fried Chicken" Can Teach Us About Imagination and Writing Scenically.
Photographs are a great way of recalling detail from the past when writing memoir. They provide a wealth of information and give detail that could otherwise be overlooked.
After two years an author sees the finished product of a two year writing commitment.
Spending time with other memoir writers is triggering a high level of motivation for me as i write my 1950s school memoir. Attending a writing course is definitely something I recommend to all who wish to lift their writing to a new level.
For many of us, writing fits in around other things. Sometimes it is important to remove ourselves from the reality of life and immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of being a writer.
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