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My memories this is totally fictional Don't apply it to yourselves
There’s a wooden trolley with wheels from an old pram, string on the front axle to steer. My trusty blue spud gun sits next a potato with loads of holes in it, so I steal another one. And a brass oil can used on my bike chain and wheels, had a little pump on the top of it.
A memory ingrained only You may make any comment you feel like but first feel the pain
I was just ten years old, it was my grandmothers wake. She died after fighting cancer for years. People spoke words of how she was at peace, she was no longer in pain, or fighting. As comforting as it seemed I couldn't help but be mad. Mad that cancer is how some people remembered ...
Life should be cherished, enjoyed, rewarded, memorable and sometimes, we are lucky to have and share special moments with our loved ones. Those times give us some of the best pleasures in life.
Lord Shiva is a well known outstanding Wiki....He not only does read but gives an insight to what he reads ....within your communication. A man of exceptional ability .We ,,,most of us are NO PATCH on him Ladies and GENTLEMEN My Lord Shiva!
It seems so easy to take for granted the seasonal changes, but concern for climate change, small or large as man's impact may be, we must remain conscious that our innate solipsistic narcissism is not something our aesthetic nature can ignore...try as we might. May the journey never e...
how can a beautiful memory that scraping the inner, and it's describe how the pain of remembering something
this articles its about how i pass the xmas at my hometown, and i got sweet memories from those wonderful years.
What does being in your hay day and a very fast car and horse and buggy have in common in life?.
While many people try to improve their memory, our game is all about promoting forgetfulness
The echo of every The thunder reflects the agony of my Heart . Emotions that are like a Tearing of fabric Straight from my heart waiting to Hear him so much it hurts, pain and Lostness are all I feel. being complete, that is the way I fell apart. If I could hear ...
This is just something that came to me while looking through mothers old photographs when she moved in with us.. It brought back memories of watching daddy in the dark room... the tiny red light bulb. It continues with the Story of the Acorns... which is true.. THIS MORNING I READ ...
A review of Relient K's album "Forget And Not Slow Down"
Yes ,I Now Recall. The secret answer lies in the love, of a lost soldier, lost forgotten in the solace of time,
We all have memories, some we lose others haunt us for life .This is my way of saving my memories
This poem is a collage of poems I have written and my friends Brian, Alisha, and Rae have written. I made this poem in honor of them and the work we have done together. I'd love to answer any questions about the poem so feel free to comment.
For years, the feared Kretec has been roaming around the town of Mayshire and has been hiding out in the woods nearby. Many went in to destroy the Kretec, none came back. But it might be different this time because a young fighter by the name of Iko Kren has now volunteered to the ta...
Thought I'd share some quotes from a few of the romantic movies that I've viewed so far. Hope you can relate to any of them. I know I have.
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