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My memories this is totally fictional Don't apply it to yourselves
Getting on a bit now and the dear old wife passed on a few years back. It's Christmas Day and the sleet is turning to snow. It's funny that, I can make believe it's the bad weather stopping family and people coming round to wish me a happy Christmas. But I've got my memories and some ...
I have a hard time speaking of my parents and yet, my children, have a need to know these things I have buried away inside. My son and I went to Los Angles to hear a band that was playing there. On the way home he asked me about mother and I froze
A memory ingrained only You may make any comment you feel like but first feel the pain
Lord Shiva is a well known outstanding Wiki....He not only does read but gives an insight to what he reads ....within your communication. A man of exceptional ability .We ,,,most of us are NO PATCH on him Ladies and GENTLEMEN My Lord Shiva!
The story of a Men in Black experience I had when I was a child. There were no actual Men in Black, but it's a memory repression story similar to those I've read.
this articles its about how i pass the xmas at my hometown, and i got sweet memories from those wonderful years.
Who live in memories..let us be pragmatic about our lives as on mom Earth we live Forget the tomorrows unknown Spiritual heavens... Amen.
After over three decades two best friends from high school are reunited after losing track of one another. The secrets they never were able to share back then are about each are now truly remarkable and ongoing!
As I begin my junior year at Michigan State, I work as a classroom aide as a part of my curriculum, and I am tested by one of the young students. Do I rise to the occasion?
As I begin college the transition begins into adulthood as we have also recently moved into our new location. New friends, new professors, new campus, new house. Everything is new!
As I begin high school, I'm all too aware, concerned, and confused about my emotional and physical attraction to my male fellow classmates, but I don't know what to do about it.
As I begin wrestling class in junior high school, I also start to notice how much I enjoy the physical contact with the other boys. Uh oh??!!
As the 3rd Chapter closes we find my mother announcing that she is finished with the neighborhood (meaning "feuding with the neighbors"), and that we are looking to move.
In a very dark & difficult chapter the author relates a difficult beating AND an emotional run-in that his mother has with the next-door neighbor.
My mom's personal skirmishes with other people cause family upheaval which has unintended beneficial results for me (thank the Lord).
As I begin elementary school, I experience freedom while my mother struggles with finding her balance for control over things of which she really has little.
As Chapter Two progresses and concludes my mom puts on public displays of anger in the mid-50's that would have Child Protective Services on her doorstep today. Times and attitudes change, thankfully.
As Chapter Two begins, so does the cover-up as my mother begins treading the thin line between "discipline" and abuse of her only son.
If you have never walked in Lavender fields you will never know the heady perfume that fills the air .....but , like all memories .......
How an event in history changed the attitudes of a generation forever.
What does being in your hay day and a very fast car and horse and buggy have in common in life?.
Bring back memories when we are a child, we can do everything we can.We were free of inhibition and fear of making mistakes and doing the unexpected, free of worry and unmindful of other people’s thoughts on how we should look or ac,t When we are a child
How many of us (and I'm sure it's just about all of us ) can remember back to our last day of lower school? The tears and the promises to miss all of our special friends that saw us through the past year. Hugs for our favorite teachers and of course...the Lunch Lady.
Reminiscing about my first love, what might have been and how I have not and will not ever forget him. Prayer and faith for him as he faces a life altering event with his health.
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