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Memory is, by definition, the faculty of the mind by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. The information comes in our mind, to conscious first, thru different ways: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactive, and gustatory. There are many classifications and other defi...
Machine learning can revolutionize Education if it becomes more widely available on the Web to self-directed learners. Vokabee makes a difference by offering a free online resource for English Language Learners who want to improve their vocabulary with their favorite content.
My memories this is totally fictional Don't apply it to yourselves
Indulging in memories of special times or people who've touched our hearts can be both painful, and rapturous. It can be all consuming, but ultimately we must strive to forfeit those feelings, to move past them or convert that pain into something that can heal.
Memory is the way of collecting things you love and holding on things you never want to lose. Mathew, for the love of Athena, wrote her letter to hold on memory of his love. This is the original version.
Memory improvement involves a long and hard journey. But it isn't all about what you do, it's also about what you shouldn't do
The Star Wars movies were excellent because they were so full of metaphors for living full lives. One such example, which I share here, was what I consider to be a metaphor for memory. I look at how dangerous memory can be when it limits our ideas about our possible future, and finall...
Trying to learn how to memorize better isn't easy - here are 4 things to keep in mind when doing so.
Find out the best ways to improve your long-term memory and stop forgetting about important things once and for all!
People with fibromyalgia have pain but they also have bouts of memory loss and confusion.
Parkinson Disease effects many people in different ways. It is hard to determine how a person feels at any given time. But a PD suffers just like many others with different diseases but often go unrecognized without the much needed help. Love and special attention is always needed.
Depression is a mental condition that affects the whole body. Depression cripples a life. Depression makes it very difficult for their brains to do even the simplest tasks such as deciding what to eat for their next meal.
Time and memory would seem to be linked in some way. Memory depends on time existing for it to function properly. This article talks about the idea of God having a memory. Has God got a memory? Does he need one? The surprising answer is both, "yes, and no." God has no memory, but...
This article is an opinion piece by this author. It contains his own ideas about how our memory might work in conjunction with our soul. Our life is all about our soul, I think. We are spiritual beings enjoying an Earthly experience here, not the other way around. This means that our...
"Nothing" is never nothing, it's always something, which by all accounts can be rather confusing. I use this poem to describe how I feel about "nothing."
Akili lab in collaboration with DELSIA – Delivering Scientific Innovation for Autism, they have prepared an instrument like Video game to treat Autism patients.
Life is a puzzle which we have to solve as there will be too many unanswered questions along the path and we all will be struggling to get answers to those. There will be ups and down's, success and failures as we walk along the path of life. But life is also beautiful and all those t...
This is taken from my college times when i enjoyed maximum. Getting introduced to seniors of the college and also moving around the college campus and all those activities i got involved in are very fresh even now
There are various foods and vitamins which help improve memory
Though i was a shy person, i just cannot imagine myself getting involved romantically with a girl ! Those days were worth remembering as i was into a different world experiencing very new things for the first time in my life
Micro-controller is a small computer that is located inside a chip or IC (integrated circuit) which contains a processor core, memory, and component inputs / outputs that can be programmed. And for another definition that Micro-controller is an IC chip which there is in a microprocess...
The state of affairs we find ourselves in is due to our inability to coexist based on live and let live, give and take. We should come out of a vicious cycle of negativity wherein we take a view we need enemies to find common ground and unity. Life is much more than finding fault in o...
As baby boomers start to age they also realize they are beginning to forget things. There are many reasons why our memory no longer works the way it use to. We cannot really claim it is age. We are embarking on our 50’s and 60’s not our 80’s when signs of senile dementia set in....
Memory is the key to remembering information needed to passing an exam, remembering a phone number, somebody’s name, remembering how to talk or even how to walk. Memory is the underlying factor behind everything we do.
A review on the film Still Alice. Good characters and excellent photography and locations, but this illness is far too serious to just make an entertaining and moving film.
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