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When it comes to the unnatural circumstances of matriculating and exploring the mindsets of strange acting people and what we can gain, we shy away and hurriedly close all entrances and doors. Think About This.
Sure, there are many things that can be said about mental health, but this one sticks out in my mind deeply. It sticks out as deeply as the roots of an oak tree go down into the earth.
The Power Of "Less Is More" - A guide on how to shuffle off the unnecessary things in your life
A personal journey that led me to discover a new reality with a new perception.
Have you ever noticed what's on the wall in your doctor's waiting room? Does it make you relax, or is it disturbing?
This articles explores how expectations effect our perception, consciousness and our experience of being. A technique is offered for the practice of excluding expectations to enhance perceptual purity.
Our body and mind rely on each other and our human body requires good peace of mind and rests.
Everyone who drinks this natural water will be thirsty again ~~ BUT ~~ whoever drinks THE LIVING WATER ~~ WILL NEVER THIRST.
We are living in a competitive world and our life are today more stressed than before. We naturally experience disappointments, frustration and setbacks. Some day really become tough and feel we are on the verge of losing grip. People/situations might be hard to deal with and feel, we...
When people are throwing stones against you, throw them back a bread
Mindfulness meditation is popularly known as Vipassana meditation. It is a simple technique that anyone can learn and practice. It requires no particular belief or faith; anyone of any faith can practice and derive the set of benefits mentioned in this article. It is a terrific way to...
New Years 2013 will bring a chance to refresh and recharge and revitalize my personal life. I need to mend relationships and build up the one's in place. Happy New Year. I welcome you with open arms.
We have to make conscious efforts for our inner sense to take control for a fulfilling and meaningful life. That spark of inner voice continues to burn within us; that of creation!
Om or Am is a sacred/mystical syllable in the Indian religions, i.e. Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.The Sanskrit name for the syllable is praṇava, from a root nu ”to shout, sound”, verbal par-nu- being attested as “to make a humming or droning sound”
Everyone deserves a mental health day. This is a day you either call in sick at work, or skip school. You do not go out and have fun, but you stay home and do nothing. It is even better if the day you choose is rainy and gloomly. This will sort of give you a less guilty feeling ...
Tsunami the Boxing day tragedy in 2004 plundered thousands of people all in a split second. The mental agony and emotional impact it brings on the suffered is enormous. The permanent scars still remain uncured with untold mental agony in those suffered. It may be just a spending ...
Aggression, insensitivity, and betrayal can take numerous forms and hurt us in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Many of these events leave us with continuous resentment and anger. Forgiveness protects us against the imperfect behavior of people around us, provided we understan...
Writing in a diary is one of the most positive ways a person can maintain good mental health. In this short article, I aim to explain the reasons why, and what people can do to promote this age-old art.
Its one of my best ways, that is devised to attain a stable, peaceful mental state. Void of all sorts of worries, tension of present and future making your present to be utilised in the best way you desire, not the others..
Allopathic medicines which are sometimes referred as Western medicines can cure the diseases or health related problems very fast but permanent relief is not available for all diseases. Yoga helps to cure most of the human diseases and health related problems.
Whenever we sit in solitude,we get a different feeling,which has to be only experienced,felt to your heart's contentment.It can never be explained in words. That is called a true solitude. Try yourself,please.
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