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Coffee is the second most commodities issued around the world after oil, and daily consumption usually exercised by all due to their taste and smell and benefits. Everything has been said contradictory statements about coffee, but certainly it has great health benefits, despite some ...
There was a dramatic criminal case near Wu Chang Railway Station in Wu Han at 12:25 pm,February 18,2017.
This is an article to raise awareness of the invisible mental illness called Schizophrenia.
Parkinson Disease effects many people in different ways. It is hard to determine how a person feels at any given time. But a PD suffers just like many others with different diseases but often go unrecognized without the much needed help. Love and special attention is always needed.
Sharing on the way to do well in both spiritually and physically
There comes points or moments in life when we have to stop and state where we are
Here are 5 foods that can make you more the spirit: - Sesame seeds - Chocolate - Spinach - Yogurt - Lentils
Do you believe that only boys do well in science? Does it seem to you that girls have better vocabularies than boy? In your opinion, are boys better at building things? If your answer to each of those questions is “Yes,” you are right, according to an article in Current Science. T...
Have you ever noticed what's on the wall in your doctor's waiting room? Does it make you relax, or is it disturbing?
Reverie return to me..This one is another musically based poetry Hope you all will love it
Meditation can easily minimize stress and help our body to relax. Meditation also give us many great benefits in order to pursue our goals in life.
This is about loving one self and improving self confidence. Love yourself for who you are not for what others want you to be.
Newborns have series of need and want that must be provided by the parents, ranging from adequate care, love, protection and belonging and above all creating a bonding by stroking, cuddling, snuggling and skin to skin contact that shall remain for the rest of their life. The following...
Emmerdale is a daily soap that is aired every weekday evening at 7 o'clock. The latest storyline with Dominic Powers, has me hooked with all the twists and turns of the story. Read on to find out more.
A Poem about the mental side of society. Comments are open.
A poem of my daily struggle with depression and that there is always hope for each and every one of us.
A short poem about going mad, with only yourself to blame.
Happiness Lies within yourself and please don't search it anywhere outside.
A poem with an expendable, suicidal tone and more of my tradtional dark style. I've had this on my mind for the past week or so. Comments are open.
The conclusion to the Mental Nature story. Danny and Red reach their destination and uncover the atrocities committed in the facility, a discovery that has profound effects on both of them.
Childhood disintegrative disorder has similar condition to autistic disorder or autism but the origin of this disorder is still uncovered.
Catatonic schizophrenia disorder is a mental illness where there is an unusual or incorrect perception of reality that is affected by a psychic and motor disturbance syndrome.
Sleeping disorder like sleep apnea or breathing related sleep disorder can cause disturbance in a person’s life. Sleeping is important part of human system to regain the loss energy released after a work done.
Having long-term patterns of wobbly or tumultuous emotions such as feelings about themselves and others is a major characteristic of borderline personality disorder. Impulsive actions and chaotic relationships are likely to happen if these inner experiences are not taken away from his...
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