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Many of us faithfully watched American Idol and loved the show but there were occasions that just made us angry.
MY brother Billy has been mentally challenged since birth and as his sister/caregiver, I have no problem dealing with that. It is when his psychotic, manic depressive illness kicks in and he will not try to help himself. I get frustrated.
Before we made it to Massachusetts, we had one more 'usual' Christmas at our dad's house. Good thing for Billy. Mama, Debbie and I were there. I wonder if these incidents caused Billy's later diagnoses of him being psychotic manic depressive. If not, it sure didn't help him.
Since I can remember, I have been the keeper of my brother. Billy has gone through so much in his 50 years here on earth, that would take most men out. His bravery to live each day, has and will always be a ray of sunshine in my heart.
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