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This piece is about respect for fellow writers. When you use someone's idea, please cite the source.
A project that enhances teaching and tutoring capabilities of future teachers which provides the necessary experiences and exposures for student-teachers to become effective mathematics teachers and in providing remediation services like tutoring.
The Lord Jesus left us and on leaving us He told us that the Father will send us a helper, the Holy Spirit. Taking this into consideration we need to realize and know that we are also moving up and forward. Then we need to pass this information and knowledge on to the next person.
There are many necessities in life that are not always enjoyable, yet necessary in order to have balance, completion or whatever is needed to meet the end result. This subject gives some helpful tips on completing these necessary task without loosing perspective.
Leading someone to accept Jesus Christ as his or her personal Lord and Savior is just the beginning. You have just given birth to a new babe in Christ. It is your responsibility to nurture your “child” so he or she grows into a mature Christian. The process of nurturing a new beli...
Where are we? and where are we headed, do we know it, do we need guidance
Sometimes there days where achieving nothing is about the only positive step that can be made, but on other days it is possible to right the world's wrongs with the stroke of a wand. Yet one of the best ways we can always help is by dedicating your life to help others, this is about o...
Trying to get something for nothing or asking for funding.
One aspect of leadership is the ability to provide feedback to others that work with you. Truth is people want to know when they perform well but can you, the leader, provide effective feedback? This is the first of a two-part series covering precisely this challenge.
Who in your life looks up to you for their answers? Can you provide those answers? These are the questions we should be facing on a day-to-day basis. Becoming a mentor of others can be a great way to give back.
You probably will be looking for a mentor when you start your new job, you won’t know many people at the company. Try these techniques for identifying possible mentors.
Yes those joys of a child's early years, the challenges of the teen years.
Basically, a business mentor / coach, is someone whom have more entrepreneurial business experience than you and whom will serves you as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time.
I’ve always been taught that when we have accomplished something, we should try to teach those who follow us so that they will accomplish even greater things. I’m all for taking young people under my wing, but how much is too much?
Recruiting and retaining mentors is essential to the success of any youth mentorship program.
Youth need trusted advisors to guide them. Whether after school mentorship for difficult subjects, assistance with a difficult home life, implementation of fitness programs, or even participating in at risk programs. Youth mentoring and mentorship programs can provide much needed guid...
So as to reach our children, and be able to be very effective in inculcating in them the best qualities, it is imperative that we become a part of their world. This we can do by engaging with them in the activities that define them the best. Playing is the prime activity that they eng...
Owing to the very fast life that we are leading today, we do not participate in the growth and development of our children. Some things that happen in their lives eventually, might shock us. For instance, a daughter making the big announcement: "Mummy, I'm pregnant!", or your son bein...
You probably will be looking for a mentor when you start your new job, you won’t know many people at the company. Try these techniques for identifying possible mentors.
Every new business requires help and guidance and this can best be achieved by engaging the assistance of a business mentor
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