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I return to Newfoundland and find that there are many changes in the lives of my sons.
The period that began in Italy about the year 1300, developed in later years in other European countries, and ended about 1600, is known as the Renaissance. This period followed what is called the middle Ages. The term “Renaissance” derives from a French word that means “rebirth...
Sri Lanka is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and to the south of the Indian peninsula. Sri Lanka was the only favourite port of call for re-victualling and water for the mariner sea borne from west to east and vice versa.
A brief overview of turnpikes in Britain and their role in changing travel and trade during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
This is a story of some people who had the means to live and enjoy the good life.
Consumers have also the right to have a clean environment. This includes accessing business establishment or shops that are free from any obstruction and hazards such as pollution, smoke, toxic materials, bad smell and other else.
The house to house selling is done directly in the houses of different customers. The merchant usually hand carried their products if they are portable or the items are placed in carts. Oftentimes, these merchants just bring their modules where the pictures or images of their products...
Sumerian economy relied mainly on farming. Trade and industry also existed. Sumerians made woolen textiles, potters as well as metal-works.
The Cutty Sark Is a 150 years old sailing ship which once sailed the high seas between Britain and China for over 22 years, making many perilous journeys to bring the British their beloved tea.
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