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Have you ever come back from a long absence and noticed how much things have changed? I enjoyed many a day on the beach as a child, pretending that mermaids exist. I come back to the same area years later to find environmental degradation.
The ocean meant the world for the young mermaid. it was everything her heart needed to be truly happy.
A young mermaid finds inner and outer beauty in a boy on the beach.
This is a flash fiction story about a man named Mar'e who encounters a mermaid on his 30th birthday.
Mermaids on Mars, hilarious poem / song, written by Gregory Stomberg, for children and adults, sci fi humor
Legendary sea beings traversing the you believe?
What you know about them and what you've heard about them is about to change!
Linden Wolbert from USA actually she is working as head of Emersons College and after three years work, she turn as real time mermaid.
This poem was inspired by a friend that speaks of mermaids in the sky and also by the clouds pictured that appears to take the shape of a mermaid.. I have always found serenity in looking up at the clouds and finding shapes...
Mermaid of imagination and pictures seen in dream. a romantic thought about life with a mermaid.
A review of the weird and wonderful Mermaid Show performed by Ann Liv Young and her cast at The Arches, Glasgow. 1 April 2012.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had been considering whether to reclassify the manatee as threatened instead of endangered. Manatees have been on the state's endangered list since 1979. What are the pros and cons of classifying the animals as such.
Myths are inspiring fascinating stories of our ancient living, culture and tradition.
Luxembourg – is the place where this version of the story came from. It’s about a creature popularly known as the “mermaid” but this story can also be about trust. Read on…
Love of a mermaid with a Russian prince and why we never see a mermaid.
Part 2 of the invisible mermaid and how she and the prince ended up.
What do you do when you abhor violence but are faced with cruel person? Is there any punishment that is appropriate for murder?
You do feel sorry if you lose a piece of your creation, even if it is something small and trivial. This is a poem about feeling sorry for a painting done by me and then finally coming to terms with the loss.
A story about fantasy and imagination.A world of make believe and adventure.
A sincere pledge of love from a Champion to his Queen
A poetic pledge of Love between a Dragon and a Mermaid at the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coasts of Greece´s Parthenon
This article explores the history and significance of the god Triton.
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