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Smiling is contagious. Do yourself a favor and smile. Even when you don't feel like it or see no reason to, smile anyway.
After hibernation voices a Merry Christmas ..Loverme wishes all well wishers ..friends and foes ..a very MERRY CHRISTMAS 2014 ALL across the Globe
This poem depicts the love, merriment and joy of being in love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Yes it was such a joy to enjoy the moonlight, then the lighted street but this too attracted undesirables
It's the season of Love and Valentine is here. I have been thinking of a Love Poem. But the inspiration was not forth coming. But when I read Songs of Solomon (the Love Poem) of the Bible, I got some Love anointing there and within some minutes, I was able to compose something worth r...
This is the Tenth in my series of Dolly Ducktail story's, This time Dolly and David become outlaws.This one is for you, Ivy.
Danny and Meme make the ultimate move to step into the painting to see if Bell was telling the truth.
the coming wind of tribulation, Will have no power of notoriety to defeat, the merry minstrel songs with gloom.
Story of a robin chasing a magpie who had stolen.Daft punchline !
Just showing when one shows some kindness, it can sometimes be rewarding when the chips are down
The spirit of Christmas is a little harder to come by these days, it is still there however, we need only open ourselves to receive it.
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