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Writing in loose hand is one of the human activities and every writer should have a thick notebook and pen, or even pencil, by the computer.
Now a days most of the males wish to have a girl friend other than wife, so more people are interested to dating sites. These sites are luring with ladies and gents photos and they are charging some amount for premium membership with that gents may not send or contact ladies.
Two brief poems, Another here, Another there, More to share.
Sharon, was photographed while taking a picture for a wikinut poem, without her knowledge. Her picture subsequently appeared on wikinut in a different writer's poem. Now she has to decide what to do...
Author Mariah suggested that I try writing this story on wikinut. I would be grateful for comments or suggestions...
There are times when it's tough to send a message. Often, these times are emotionally charged. I'm going to described four of my techniques for delivering a message through tears, laughter, fist pounding or hugging.
This was originally published on Bubblews a week ago after my first visit to a new church. I have never been a religious person, but I do believe there is something bigger than our singular lives. This is my experience in receiving a message from God.
Message in a transfer between multiple entities, can lose accuracy, which can later cause conflict between the transferor ii recipient messages. The goal of this workshop is to alert participants to the possibility of erroneous transmission and its consequences.
Facebook may charge $ one. The idea is still being studied by the social network as another way of trying to make money.
The culprits are using the social network site facebook as the platform to attract the teen aged girls and after words kidnapping them.
Tips: Earn By Receiving SMS on Your Phone Here i have provided some details to earn by receiving sms on your phone.
This article is about sending and receiving messages from our online friends.
This page is about a funny incident which happened in my friend's life. Read it and laugh a while.
Let's talk about how Facebook has affected our lives. Well, mine for the most part.
Since i feel something powerful than i am.... like working behind the scene/seen of my fate.... so i already hand over my destiny to my father GOD SOURCE...JUST LET IT BE!!
Without him my life fall into pieces, I don't know how to solve any problems that bother me, I can't think clearly, I can't focus on what I really want to do....
This article is about strange messages, we must delete them without reading.
Have you noticed the change in your Wikinut Inbox and the commenting method on your page? Now, it's very easy to view your messages, just 15 at a time.
The Wikinut messaging system is our way of sending you important information about your account. Here we describe the communications we send and your message options.
This page is about replying to the personal messages which is received from our friends.
How many times have you hit that submit key to post a comment on an Author's work, only to see that deep seated dread of typo error rearing its ugly head for all the world to see? Do you cringe inwardly and crawl away in shame? And what makes it can't correct it either...Oh...
My Wikinut Inbox is always flooded with thousands of messages and I'm not able to delete them in bunches. I have a few suggestions to improve the Wikinut Inbox and I think Wikinut will certainly consider them and make changes for better management of the messages we receive from the C...
The Joy of Wikinut, is logging in and never quite knowing what you will find in your Inbox...The pleasure in sharing points of view, and friendly banter is infectious, and gives Wikinut a great sense of Community spirit..All 57 pages that sat there waiting for me to open with a single...
Languages, written, spoken or express in other way such as in paralanguage play an important role in human development. Language can be considered as one of the factors that are responsible for the transmission of culture from one generation to another.
This page is written in response to a discussion started by Martin Rojas about commenting by the authors on their own articles. This is my personal view about commenting on your own Wikinut pages. I invite all the authors, amateurs and veterans, to feel free to respond on this topic...
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