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A guide to how chatbots need to be made more personable to provide the user with the desire to interact, and come back to the bot.
Wondering why Apple's first real effort at a chatbot is so low key?
Kevin Sweefarend is visited during the night by Snuifie the messenger boy, who brings him a very conceited letter, informing him of the Better World Project and its intent to steal Kevin's sheep.
As I work with Jimmy in the hope of making improvements not only in his life but also that of his wife and daughter, I see that we are finally making progress.
Facebook places a bet on the mobile Messaging Group Whatsapp for a staggering $19 Billion. But is this company Worth the price tag being placed on it by Facebook?
It is interesting what a married couple can find to talk about on messenger. Talking on messenger a couple of times a day brings up many interesting conversations between us.
This article is about facebook messenger which help us to chat easily.
Further, the telegraph technology was developed in the way of sending by air and receiving by air. This process is done through sending electric signals to the receiver’s end through the wires. A sounder is used to be able to convert received signals to sound.
Summer brings the glory of the humble Butterfly...Alighting on each blossom that is open to the sun, and almost jewel-like, Butterflies somehow lighten the heart and make your soul celebrate the lengthening of the days...
In this guide I will show you how easy it is to create your own animated emoticon to use in messenger clients. We need a featured graphic editor like Fireworks.
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