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There may be lot of things happenings in daily life, some people are chanting day and night. Some may take bath several times when they feel they are touched some dirty thing.
Try these simple tips if you want to know how to avoid the liquid dripping from a bottle after we pour oil, sauce or any liquid from the bottle.
I am sure that we all have daughters and sons and are constantly cleaning and tidying up after them. I am sure that many of you can relate to this one.
If you own a Golden Retriever and you have he or she inside your house. Then you sure know what im talking about. If you don't want hair everywhere then a Golden retriever is not for you. But I dont mind, id rather deal with the hair then being without my Golden, anytime.
A poem about some teenage habits and suffering parents.
An 'eventful' day of cleaning a room and working for the first time as a waitress!
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