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Steel fabrication is a lucrative business hence many entrepreneurs desire to be a part. Starting a business is not easy especially metal fabrication. This page offers some insight into the industry.
Laser cutting is now very commonly used in commercial and industrial environments for a number of applications. But with laser cutting machine manufacturers now offering many different types of machines, it is not always easy to select the right machine for your application. In this p...
A vivid dream, but I remembered enough to compose. Should there be any budding dream interpreters reading this, would you enlighten me please.
Book shelves are a good investment to keep the books safely away from heat and dust. A look at the various types of such shelves available to choose from.
As we gaze through pages of history there are many who have made their mark and then fallen, kings, emperors and such like. We still have those who place their mark destroying thousands of lives...over and over again.
Some people say that those who take their own lives must live it over again to try and succeed at the next go-around. People are adorable. Let's have some fun, Dad.
Metallica is loved and hated. They have made good music, so people ask 'what's with the hate?' Here I'll explain why.
There's a death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot. No joke.
What we can make with material that we´re going to dump in the recycling containers for fun and extra cash.
Bergen's SAHG deliver an epic space tale in their fourth album, Delusions of Grandeur: it's a grower and a good one!
Lead is being used since ancient times. Lead is bluish grey in color, highly malleable and ductile. Lead is used in the industries for many different purposes. Lead is useful and at the same time poisonous when it enters the human body. Lead poisoning is very difficult to detect.
A writer with Aspergers syndrome challenges the possibility that is could be an offshoot of Autism.
Filling the teeth cavities with silver metal is one of the methods of modern dental treatment. It is dangerous because of many side effects.
Album review of Northern Ireland hard rock act Trucker Diablo's second album release Songs of Iron
Here is a brief summary of my opinion about the current Van Halen CD, "A Different Kind Of Truth."
Asteroids are small bodies that are made up chiefly of rocks and metals.Most asteroids orbit the Sun in the wide asteroids belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter ,on the other hand ,are made up of a loose mixture of rocks and ice, and for this reason they are often c...
A Short poem about those who undergo many trials only to know they are tested by time to become stronger and successful.
fullmetal alchemist anime plot summery for anime lovers.
Pewter is an alloy, which means it is a mixture of metals. The basis of pewter is tin. It is generally mixed with lead in the proportions of six or four parts tin to one part lead.
Did you know that the air that we breathe indoor is much more dangerous than outside? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air has approximately two to five times more contagious than outdoor air. In order to have clean air we should be aware of the dange...
Feng Shui is an art of arranging the articles in the interior and exterior of an edifice. Apart from necessities, it advises on several art forms which are suitable remedial measures. Common ones being wind chimes, water fountains, dragons, laughing buddhas, crystals, bamboos, bagua m...
A look at the early music of Black Sabbath and its origins and inspiration.
New to self bondage? Don’t worry you have to start somewhere and it is better to do it right than to do it wrong and be stuck in self bondage.
A personal review on this CD I recently purchased, the Musical and Lyrical content, as well as the Evolution of the Band
The recent happenings of racism in the world of football and worst of all, the insensitive remarks of the FIFA president, Sepp Blatter has prompted me to write this poem on racism. One more thing is that, I was also inspired by Aiyanna to write it.
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