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A handy way to remember it is "fifth wheel" and not "third wheel".
The Star Wars movies were excellent because they were so full of metaphors for living full lives. One such example, which I share here, was what I consider to be a metaphor for memory. I look at how dangerous memory can be when it limits our ideas about our possible future, and finall...
such fun to write on many things, red cherries, red relationships and of course the red spider lady A will crawl again out of her black hole to poison my page ...thank goodness there is magic here which will dispell her and her words....
An Iambic tetrameter poem, written by the Greek poet G. Venetopoulos
A bundle of knowledge or a soggy mess? That is what happens when you find the newspaper left on the driveway at the end of the rainy day. The evenings have already drawn in and the weather is becoming colder, yet the newspaper deliver people simply throw the newspaper onto the drivewa...
Hindrances in life are transient, just like the black clouds that cover the silvery moon. All one needs is that hidden spark to endure that dark phase.
Have you seen that person who, like Atlas, is carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, or is that person you? He stared at me from across the street the other day, until I realised that it was my own reflection - which gave me great concern, was I really like that?
Again a metaphor on life for as there are so many instruments in an orchestra so there are so many different ways of I have written it really matters not at all for there is no reality anywhere here...enjoy
This is about the journey of One to share eternity. References to angels and other beings of high esteem so beautiful were they. Yet it is a metaphor of our search for understanding and love and all the wonderful things that we need in our lives.
As we dig into the surface of Nature and the Yin & Yang way of connecting the dots, we get a better understanding of our Universe or in other words we see the tip of the iceberg. ETNA-European Tribes of North America.
What the World needs now is another Dragon poem. Well, thats what I was told, so please enjoy a Dragon tale by Bravo Von Muller, who is featured in the European Tribes of North America book of poems (ETNA book of poetry).
Here a metaphor I write of how all the effluvia of life has to surface so that which is pure and loving can flow again. Just like mud sinks to the bottom of a river but one day when a storm happens it will be swept out to sea and disappear...and so it will be....
Don't think just because your problems are bigger than you that you cannot overcome. You have to understand size does not matter when you are determined to make it through,
There are timeless tools we can explore to make our communication more powerful.
A common saying that everyone says to one another. Most likely right before bedtime. This would be how I see "Sweet Dreams". Comments are open.
When we meet someone we knew before in lifetimes past..a chemical reaction can occur..moves it does through our bodies as a torrent of tingling energy... ecstasy sublime
Coleridge wrote his incredible poem "Kubla Khan" in the depths of an opium high... food for thought.
Written off with something in the lines and stanzas, this poem is about something that I think about. And the word "Dogfish" seemed like a neat word to use for it. Comments are open.
Fairy tales repeat through time a message all have they..for us to read between the lines and find the secrets hidden can too if you will....for therein lies the magic
Structuralism as a theory analyses society from a structural viewpoint. In all societies the structures are all the same- that of binary opposition and nature-culture dichotomy, and the contents are culture specific. In fact, human society tends to replicate the larger structure of th...
A poem that has been on my mind for a week. I don't have much to say on this one. Comments are open.
This poem was written off of a strange buzz that I had when I was listening to some music the night before the publication of this poem. I wasn't high or drunk, despite the title but the emotions it gave me somewhat sparked this one. Comments are open.
I think that anyone can guess where I got the idea for this poem. This poem is more-off straightforward. Comments are open.
Figure shows while the words describe or tell. A man learns and understands very easily, the meaning of any thing that he sees with his naked eyes. If there is a picture of an object on one side and the name on the other side, the learner would definitely understood the picture first.
This poem is a poem about pain. That is all I have on this one. Comments are open.
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