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It's a funny thing, but I do meditate and develop my inner self, and I want to share some of that with my readers. Not so much to preach, but just to say that "yes, there are things about the mind that we must understand that are more than the usual", and that I do not just explore th...
We have no control over external circumstances. However, we do have a propensity to blame everything other than ourselves, which then leads to a weakened state of mind. Is there a way out of this? Read on.
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.
There comes a time on the spiritual path when things can be somewhat confusing. That's the time when it's important to know the difference between whether you're losing your grip or letting go. The following contains some ideas and suggestions.
A few of my own thoughts about life, destiny, and maybe to an extent, religion. Not to be colored in any other sense.
This Wiki Nut is metaphysical in nature and embraces Philosophy of Hinduism, and thus Indian Religions and Faiths. It is based on a real discussion at the Facebook that I had with person from the west about eastern philosophy of religion. Giving more than 50 points about the topic. Th...
Reading my poetry, someone asked me these three questions to include my answers in their research paper. I gave my answers, but never got any feedback from the reader.
A man thinks of his mother, his reason he tried in life, his efforts and achievements, and he reports to her, in his thinking through a song
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