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If you're travelling to the Vallarta region this remarkable all-in resort will have you covered in fab form
The Reef 28 has set its sights on offering a new kind of “all-in” experience in Playa Del Carmen.” So leave the kiddos at home and escape to this romantic adults-only all-inclusive retreat where your own play-date in paradise awaits
An indulgent destination where, rest, relaxation and just the right amount of revelry is the order of the day
My personal experiences in Mexico, after failing to know I needed to exchange US dollars for Mexican pesos.
I had been very critical of the pastor. But, God was about to get my attention regarding this issue.
A brief history of the Mexico soccer team primarily in the FIFA World Cup.
A man with great results has been knocked off his post because of misconduct.
Some basic information about a mosquito-borne disease called Chikungunya; how the disease can be prevented, what to expect of you do contract it, treatment options and recovery time.
Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped from a high-security prison on Saturday night for the second time.
NBC sever ties with GOP hopeful Donald Trump over his disparaging statements on Mexicans.
Texcoco is a Lake in Mexico. The Aztecs built their city on an island in this Lake. They are called Tenoch, a name derived from their legends, ancestor, Tenoch. Their city was called Tenochtitlan (the stone rising in the water).
Located in the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is a flat island composed of limestone that comes from the reefs.
A big drug rocket was seized in Mexico, this is the worlds biggest busted drug rocket. Millions of dolalrs, pesos and Euros were seized inclusing vehicles, weapons, antique animals and villa.
This is the story of the first gold discovery in California
A short distance from the hustle and bustle of the Mayan Riviera, Xel-ha is a must see place for the snorkeler and diver.
Two Ancient Mayan Cities are found in Mexican jungle by Archaeologists, these two cities are covered in thick forest trees.
Netherlands come from behind to shock Mexico in the round of 16.
Here, a traveller may find ideas to organise a specific national day of sorts to have the feeling that he´s there.
To become a saint, you must die for your Christian cause. That’s exactly what happened to St. Peter Calungsod, the second Philippine saint who was canonized in the Vatican church in Rome last October 21, 2012. His mission he paid with his life together with the entourage of that eva...
On how a club of child basketball in one of the poorest states of Mexico have found a way to get out of poverty and illiteracy through this sport.
Amid the sweep of the social upheaval of pre and post World War II North America, a young Mexican-American with dual citizenship finds himself mixing plaster and later cooking in the household of the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo. And then Leon Trotsky ...
Walter Lee Williams, 64, a former University of Southern California (USC) professor, was arrested and flown from Playa del Carmen, Mexico to Los Angeles Wednesday after one day on the FBI's Most Wanted list. He is accused of engaging in web-cam sex acts with underage boys in the Phili...
How to Travel to and Explore Cancun, Mexico - A Travel Guide
Chocolate is a confectionery item created out of cocoa, fats, sweeteners, and different added substances
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