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In the 80s and 9Os Michael Jackson had earned the title ‘King of Pop’. He became a global figure. What happened to this legendary artist in later years is food for thought for the rest of the world. Only if somebody had intervened and stopped his addiction to prescription drugs.....
The formats for selling music has changed over the years, but the numbers are still counted and awarded. But who is achieving the big numbers?
An examination of celebrity trials conducted in the full glare of the media.
The article speaks about five of the most infamous celebrity mugshots in Hollywood history.
Hard Rock gets phunky on Free Music Fridays in Niagara Falls.
Let's take a look at the early 1960s singer/songwriter Johnny Tillotson, described as a smooth singer and pure "Poetry In Motion."
The NAACP has released the nominees for their annual Image Award, honouring achievements in film, television, literature, and music.
It seems the whole world and its mother has got something to say about the major transformation of Hollywood actress, Renée Zellweger's features, so I may as well get my 10 cents in too.
Centric Reveals the list of nominees for the 2014 Soul Train Awards.
News briefs on new music and tours for Wiz Khalifa, Cher, Wu Tang Clan, and news from the world of Michael Jackson.
Surprise artist surpasses Michael Jackson on the Hot 100 hits list
These five great male singers’ music had the most impact in my life. I enjoyed listening to their hits and watching them perform on stage. They helped changed music in America and inspired millions in the process.
Singer Donny Osmond celebrating 50 years in the music business with new music.
This is my tribute to the greatest entertainer ever, Michael Jackson.
Well we know from evidence presented in Conrad Murray’s trial that Michael Jackson was murdered. He was killed by a lethal dose of propofol and other drugs that were present in his system. Even if Murray had been acquitted of all charges, Michael Jackson died at the hands of a third...
55 years ago, a king was born, not your typical king born into royalty. A musical king, that would later come to be known as the "King of Pop" or simply by his initials "MJ".
I was inspired to write this poem by the new movie that came out about Jackie Robinson called "42"
Janet Jackson (AKA Miss Jackson), 47, sister of the late Michael Jackson and youngest of the iconic Jackson family, has reportedly joined the mega rich by becoming a billionaire. Jackson has $1.2 billion in earnings, but does this mean she's a billionaire?
I love being his wife. I love my home provided for me by my husband. I am proud of our accomplishments. Even at the end of the day I still love my life.
The article for the best songs of MJ . best for all time for exp:BILLIE JEAN,BEAT IT,GIVE IN TO ME,GIVE IN TO ME
Although the ruling has not yet been known, Katherine Jackson and TJ agree to share the responsibility of education of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson (whose ages are between 10 and 15 years). Thus, the matriarch can concentrate more on education rather than to administrative duties...
From Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift, find out the ten stars that I insanely love for their uniqueness and undeniable talent.
I've never seen Elvis Presley concert because he had died in 1977. But I will soon have a chance to watch it.
There is a bridge awaiting all to cross. Some of us fear the crossing, others don’t. What happens to us after we die? Can a person die without fear?
On the day of Whitney Huston's funeral (18/2/12) I got to thinking how many great and well know stars have died from all kinds of drugs. this is a potted history of those we have lost.
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