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What originally started out as a brief batch of comics for the Mane 6 has grown to now presently include the villains (the 2015 Fiendship Micro)... So with that said here is the 2013 Micro series aka My Little Pony Tales... congratulations, you already used that title for the title of...
Applejack, having failed to form a team using Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Spike, must use her default team of Apple Bloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith to fight the Sass-Squash... because she failed to carry the six needed pokeballs to make a full team
It is few and far between when pony fails to please... this is one of those moments.
A company called AeroEnvironment developed a new spy technology shaped like hummingbird. This spying robot even can fly sideways, backwards and forwards, as well as go clockwise and counter clockwise just like real hummingbird.
Computer can be classified into four categories based on size namely Micro, Mini, Mainframe and Super computer.
Avishkar a new company of Vineeth Rai of Utter Pradesh, he is funding venture capital to micro and small enterrise in village and small towns
Sony memory sticks are overpriced in terms of cost per gigabyte of capacity. They're almost always more expensive than an equivalent size SD or SDHC card. Adapters exist to allow the use of cheaper SDHC cards in Memory Stick devices, but how well do they perform?
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