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When it comes to loving you can someone only have a love migraine for you? Is this real?
Many migraineurs feel very alone in their still misunderstood suffering, My eldest daughter was one of them, but they are not alone. We have recently discovered that there are a number of support groups where migraine sufferers can find understanding, information resources, and encour...
Biofeedback is the necessary means by which common everyday diseases like headaches, hypertension and like as well as some complicated diseases like strokes, Epilepsy and others can be taken care of. Biofeedback has no essential effect like drugs and surgery.
Many people around, like me, suffer from acute and chronic migraine headaches which are annoying all the time and unbearable sometimes. Usually in this busy life, people choose to pop pills but there are certain things, if taken care of, migraine attacks can be avoided
Mosegor has been known as an appetite stimulant. Interestingly, as a pizotifen, it can also be indicated for migraine headaches.
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