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A few people relocating to newer pastures are necessitated by their desire to live a better quality of life, but for many it is a perilous voyage on land or sea, often to face death. I have tried to give a brief summary of the meaning, causes and remedies for the vexed problem.
I began my life long pursuit of defending the underdog commencing with the United Farm Workers Union.
Unmasking the face of an Overseas Filipino Worker, the feeling behind each captured smiles.
"When I was 12 they gave me my first knife. Week after week I was cutting myself. Every week I had a new scar. My hands have a lot of stories." - 17 year old boy who began working in the fields of Michigan at 11.
Normally the work contract signed by the worker and the employer is terminated if the said contract specified period has ended. Likewise if both parties agreed to terminate the contract provided that the worker approval should be in writing.
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Labor Law is a comprehensive law which regulates all aspects of work relation. It is also a balanced law which provides for both workers and employers what is needed to regulate work relation between the two parties. The said law is applicable to al...
Christianity in Europe is faltering, churches are closing faster than new clubs are opening, faith in the reality of the unknown God is only restricted to a few faithful, possibly as a result of parents efforts. migrant workers have seen the prosperous side to things.
Many people think and say that we need Latin American workers and illegals to do the jobs in this country that American teenagers won't do. That somehow they are the answer to the problem. However the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that they are the problem, not the so...
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