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In some primary education schools, they have decided not to celebrate Christmas as they used to do to not offend to migrants' children.
Immigration has become a topic of great political battle in Italy. In view of the latest surveys of the judiciary who discovered a system of corruption that profiting on the management of immigrants.There are various points of view, but the surprising thing is that Europe and conseque...
The new 'Go Home' vans to curb the issue of illegal migrants within the UK have not been successful
This isn´t a Christmas story, but it´s a thought for the poorest among the poor.
We should all struggle in search of better lives for ourselves and our children. But mortal peril -- or tragic accident -- could be avoided with more concern for equal rights.
The worker should be physically fit to do the work when he/she was recruited for and should not be suffering from any diseases proved by a medical report issued for each worker from one of the specialized medical centers in the Kingdom, according to the applicable instructions made fo...
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