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I will never forget my two boy's first days at school. I was an emotional wreck as I saw them trod into the schoolhouse with their little backpacks. Those are definitely precious memories.
A thirteen year old boy has a near death experience.
Woot! Woot! Writing for Wikinut since May of this year has allowed me to create and expand a sample portfolio of lots of different kinds of writing -- but all the kinds of writing are me on a page!
It was a bit difficult for me reaching that infamous number/age of 50, much more so than any other milestone birthday, and here I share some of those feelings about that time in my life.
Developing and engaging. The biggest underlying theme for engaging employees is not tracking their every move, or even their happiness, but to inspire them to do their job to the fullest extent and to do it well, and then enjoyment with their work will come. Employees that are prop...
This is the account of a strange encounter I had recently. Kindly read to unravel the mystery.
1. Is the Business plan complete? 2. Is your Business Incorporated? 3. Is your Workforce complete? 4. Have you acquired Office space? 5. Who are your First Customers?
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